Christine C. – Google


We couldn’t say enough about how wonderful Brian is!  He is honest, dependable, thorough, and knowledgeable. Being very Type A, I instantly appreciated how organized and responsive Brian was – he always follows through with a detailed plan. He helped us navigate our recent home purchase in a very competitive environment, and supported us even after the closing. We would definitely recommend Brian without reservation!

Eric T. – Zillow


Brian is a very patient, data driven and down to earth agent! We had a pleasure to be working with him to get our dream house in this ultra-competitive market. Both my girlfriend and I are first time home buyers and both paranoid about little things! Throughout 2020 and 2021, we have seen well over 70 listings. He was always there to answer every question we had. If he didn’t know the answer he wouldn’t pretend to know the answer and tried his very best to find the answer! In this severe seller market, some of our competitive offers didn’t make it and he was there to support us emotionally and revise the strategy with us! All in all, we highly recommend Brian and would definitely like to work with him again in the future!

Caitlin C. – Yelp


I cannot say enough great things about Brian Louie!!! My husband and I just worked with Brian to buy our first home in Oakland, and we were so grateful throughout the otherwise grueling and emotional process of making offers to have him as a guide!! Brian never gave us any “hard sells”–in fact, he often warned us off buying properties by pointing out red flags and inspecting the crawl space and drainage system in every home we visited. In the end, he helped us find the most perfect house for us, and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase!! Brian also put us in touch with a great lender–he knows this business backwards and forwards, and I would trust him with my life savings!! (Already did!!)

Dakota M. – Zillow


Brian made our first home buying process smooth. He provided useful guidance and insight along the way and was heavily involved in the buying process with us. Brian is always accessible and responsive. His coaching and negotiation during our competitive scenario put us at the top of the list with 10 other buyers and helped us secure our first home. I’d highly recommend Brian.

Benjamin P. – Yelp


My wife and I worked with Brian to sell our starter home. I’m intimidated by real estate and the entire process confusing to me. Brian patiently guided us though the process and was very responsive to our bombardment of anxious calls and emails. He handled tons of logistics and met all our needs. Hopefully, I’ll never have to sell a home again. But if I do, I plan on hiring Brian again.

Ignacio J. – Google


Brian was simply AMAZING in how he managed our home-buying process. Diligent, honest, clear and always prioritizing our preferences over any “cool” thing any house could offer. He has a good sense of the value of the houses and every house we saw we felt like he was looking it for himself. As internationals in the US, he helped us navigate the whole process, providing good insights, tips and contacts to talk to. We 100% recommend Brian because of how professional and close he is, always looking out for our preferences.

Mahvash M. – Yelp


We relocated to the Bay Area from the East Coast last year and were fortunate to connect with Brian during a short trip to CA prior to our permanent move. Brian was extremely understanding of our situation and was happy to show us homes before we even moved to CA. We saw our very first home in CA with Brian and right away we knew that we were in good hands. Brian pointed out obvious issues that we missed, as well as potential flaws with every house we saw. Bay Area geography, climate, and homes are very different from what we were used to on the East Coast. Brian educated us about everything from Bay Area microclimates to land settling and foundation issues and native trees. We returned to the East Coast, much more relaxed about our cross-continental move. When we finally moved to CA, we knew we would want to work with Brian as his expertise and local knowledge played a huge role in alleviating our anxieties about finding a home in a completely new part of the country.

Brian is flexible in terms of time and distance. We had no idea where in the Bay Area to start looking for a home. Brian showed us homes all over the Bay Area, from Walnut Creek to Hayward, from San Leandro to Lafayette.  He also shot helpful videos of properties we were unable to see in person. Brian is also patient and does not rush his clients. We changed our mind several times over the course of the year. One weekend we would be looking in one part of the Bay Area and the next weekend he was happy to show us homes in a completely different location. We rescinded our very first accepted offer for various personal preferences. However, Brian did not express any frustration, even though he spent a lot of hours reading through lengthy HOA and CCR documents with us, visiting the property, answering tons of questions for us, and helping us to make an attractive offer.

Brian is hard working, responsive, and punctual. He always showed up for appointments on time, and was happy to wait for us if we were running late. He was able to meet with us at very short notice, on weekdays, weekends, and put in long hours poring over the details of each property of interest with us. We made offers on a few different types and locations of homes in the Bay Area at various price points within our budget, and Brian’s honesty was evident in how he helped us come up with our offers. We felt that Brian understood our needs and budget and represented us very well in the negotiations. He provided meticulous, detailed, data-driven as well as insightful comps for several homes we were interested in and was promptly able to obtain any additional information we requested.  

Brian is extremely professional in how he dealt with the other agents and was able to get us to the top of the line so to speak, with the friendly rapport he developed with them all. His sense of integrity is evident in how respectfully he accessed the various properties we saw. He was always well prepared with PPE for our entire family (in this covid era!). Brian is also extremely resourceful; he was able to get us answers from local city offices e.g. including contacting a city Arborist to help us figure out what tree was planted outside a house we were looking at because we had allergy concerns!

Brian exceeded all expectations we had from a buyer’s agent.

Peter S. – Yelp


For many years we’ve worked with so many different realtors. We had very specific and odd requirements for a home and after a few weeks most realtors would give up on us. Brian worked with us for months going the extra mile (Filming 360 videos, taking specific measurements etc) ultimately leading us to our dream home. I can’t thank him enough.

If you want a realtor who is proactive, smart, relentless in his pursuit in finding you the perfect home. Go with Brian!

Cristina R. – Google


Brian was so helpful in the process of selling our home and buying the next home. He never left us guessing on anything! We always felt that he had our best interest at heart and truly looked out for us during our home search.
His experience in marketing and home selling helped us get top dollar for the house we sold. It was a pleasure to work with Brian during these detailed and time-consuming processes. Highly recommended.

Peggy L. – Yelp


Brian is a very professional and knowledgeable real estate agent. from the first time we spoke over the phone to the close of escrow and even now I can call or text Brian anytime with questions and he responds very quickly. He went to the homes that I sent to him online to look at and he did a 360 video on them for me, he told me everything from what it smelled like what it looked like. very quickly he knew what I wanted and didn’t want. He made the whole process alot less stressful for us, I recommend Brian Louie he’s AWSOME!!!!!

Renee L. – Zillow


Brian is like no other Realtor. I can’t say enough AMAZING things about him. He is hardworking, knowledgeable, honest, and truly cares about his clients. I was lucky enough to meet Brian at a friend’s BBQ and we casually discussed house hunting. Who knew he would go home that night and put together a portfolio for us of what we were looking for. Brian is ALWAYS available and responds quickly. He always made himself available to view homes in Mill Valley, even though he lives in Walnut Creek. We were on vacation when a house became available and Brian went to the house and did a 360 video tour and sent it to us while we were away so we could see if we liked the house. He definitely goes above and beyond for his clients. Whatever area you are looking at, he will do his due diligence to be an expert in that area. What I appreciate most about Brian is his honesty. He will give you his honest opinion because he cares and not because he is just trying to make a sale. Brian is our go to Realtor from here on out.

Steven T. – Yelp


I’ve worked with a lot Real Estate Professionals and this was by far my best experience. He was very detailed, knowledgeable, and hardworking from the start. Our property was located an over an hour away from where he lives, yet he was onsite for everything. From landscaping to inspections, he was there to make sure everything went as planned. He made it a priority to ensure we weren’t stressing or worrying about anything. Brian genuinely cared about what we wanted, things that were important to us, and in the end, he made sure it all happened. He exceeded even my highest expectations! if you have the opportunity to work with him, lock him in and don’t let him pass you by!

Yuanxun F. – Yelp


Brian is the best agent I’ve never seen before. He quickly identified the right type of properties fit for the financial planning and acted rapidly on every step of the procurement procedures including bidding, contracting, inspection and closing.

Ray G. – Google Review


I met Brian in February of 2019 after meeting multiple other real estate brokers. Brian’s understanding of the Walnut Creek housing market was unmatched from other brokers we met and his keen insight to all the various Walnut Creek neighborhoods was exactly what we need to make the right choice for our new home. Brian patiently worked with our evolving wants and requirements. This was important to us as relative newcomers to the Walnut Creek area – we did not know much of the city when we started looking. But as we saw more houses in more neighborhoods from Orinda to Walnut Creek to San Ramon, we were able to fine-tune our home requirements. At the end of the process, we found the home that was perfect for our needs at a price we can afford. Brian also introduced to Eric Rotner from Commerce Mortgage who was equally competent and experienced in financing Walnut Creek homes. Although our home buying experience took longer than expected, I felt it was well worth the time and effort. Major kudos to Brian for making this experience thoroughly enjoyable – especially as a first time home buyer. My wife and I can’t thank Brian enough for his dedication to getting us the right home for us.

Kristy O. – Yelp


My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about Brian!  A good friend of ours recommended him and we are so grateful to have been able to work with him with both the selling of our home and the purchase of our new one. He took the time to get to know us and truly understand what we were looking for in finding our forever home.  He set very realistic goals for us and exceeded all of them. He was consistently available to answer any of our questions and extremely patient throughout the entire process.  We really feel he had our best interests in mind from the very start and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Brian is extremely organized and detail-oriented and handled everything for us making it a very smooth process. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Brian!

Sona S. – Zillow


Brian is awesome! He helped me sell one home and purchase another. There were some challenges in the process, but Brian advised me throughout the transition and negotiated with my best interest at heart. He was genuine and committed to getting me what I wanted on both the buying and selling side.

Janette L. – Zillow


We were really lucky to find Brian as our realtor. He took the time to get to know us, our likes and dislikes, our style, and so gave excellent guidance during our home search. His video walk-throughs of properties with commentary helped weed out properties and made our weekends viewings efficient and productive. He has a network of contacts he can call on to assess properties and assist with any renovations before and after closing. He was always willing to reach out to other realtors to find the answer to our questions and/or negotiate. Client-centered. Never pushy. Easy to communicate with. Efficient and proactive. A pleasure to work with, and with his help, we bought our dream home. Highly recommend!

Michael W. – Yelp


Quick reaction and great service!

Jennie N. – Yelp


Brian is the real estate agent you hope to get — someone who is organized, dedicated, meticulous, and somebody who values the service they provide you rather than getting a quick sale. On top of all that, he is “normal” with a personality that puts you at ease so you don’t mind spending the whole day with!

We didn’t know what we wanted, so Brian had to go through that journey with us to not only show us homes, but also to help us navigate the things that truly matter to my husband and me. We started thinking we wanted to purchase an invest property from Antioch to Merced. Brian always showed up faithfully, with property listing packets and a map of our tours for that day. I liked how he was very data driven; he did financial models for us and researched the area by calling property management companies and developers beforehand.

After we did that for a few months, I realized that I wanted to get a primary home instead. We began looking in the East Bay, and again without missing a beat Brian would show up with his financial models, property listings, and map of tours. We didn’t have experience with mortgage brokers, and Brian was key in helping us secure an amazing mortgage rate by convincing us to shop around for rates. If he didn’t push me on it, we would’ve ended with a broker who quoted us 0.5% higher! 

Finally, we found the home of our dreams, and in this competitive market (5 other offers), strategy was key and Brian helped us draft the winning offer. We had an inspection contingency and a 21 day closing date, which required him to schedule everything at warp speed. The house is in the hills, so he had to find foundation and structural engineers for us. During this stressful time, Brian made the process easier and was a great and reliable partner to us.

And it didn’t end there. Even after closing on the home, Brian referred us to contractors to help with repair work we needed and contacted the seller about a problematic cabinet drawer (which they replaced for us after closing).

Brian is a superstar and you will not regret choosing him as your agent! In making one of the biggest decisions in your life, you want someone who is smart and on top of it, thinking of things that you haven’t thought of. We have been in our new house for a couple months and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Ryan K. – Yelp


Brian was our realtor for a few projects:

1. Investment properties in Merced/other cities close to the bay area
2. Our primary home purchase in Berkeley

I only have good things to say about him.  He’s very thorough, always on top of listings, and willing to do anything to get you the house you want.

For our investment project Brian drove out to Merced on multiple occasions to take 360 video of properties we had interest in.  He also produced detailed spreadsheets for Merced, and a few other areas that he thought were comparable and poised for growth.  The spreadsheets were well thought out and helpful to compare properties, and the level of service was quite frankly over the top.  I don’t know another realtor that would drive 2 hours on multiple occasions to take 360 video when merced realtors were being slow on uploading photos.  It was important to do this so we could move quickly on new properties that matched our criteria, as homes were moving quickly in merced at the time.  The 360 videos were actually very helpful (initially I viewed this as a gimmick) in getting a feeling for the flow of the house and often conveyed details that weren’t coming through in the listing photos.  I found this service a huge timesaver, and very valuable.  We ended up opting out of this project and instead decided to focus on a primary home.  Although Brian had spent a ton of time working on this, he happily switched over with a positive attitude (sorry about that Brian!)

For our primary home, again Brian was over the top organized, and did a great job of understanding what we were looking for.  He would present us with filtered listings daily, along with details of what he thought of each property, we found this very helpful.

We finally found a property that we wanted, and Brian helped us put together a winning bid (We think we got a great deal on our home as well).  He was invaluable during the inspections process, and helped us negotiate some credits.  During the entire bidding and negotiation process Brian was always on our side and was ready to walk away.  This no pressure, client first approach, was really what sold me on Brian.  I knew he was advocating for us, and wasn’t thinking about his commission.  He has a background in sales, and was an executive in the Valley for many years, so I really felt comfortable with his negotiation skills and professionalism.

I highly recommend Brian if you’re looking for someone that is super organized, client first, tech savvy, and willing to really go the extra mile (or many miles in the case of Merced).  We’ve found our realtor for life, thanks Brian.

Eric B. – Zillow


I’ll start by saying that we are 100% satisfied with Brian’s performance in selling our San Francisco property, and very happy that we were able to work with him. He was very thorough, friendly, polite, professional, accessible, and in the end, successful. The San Francisco small condo market was  glutted, and yet Brian located the best potential buyer, and quickly worked with both parties to produce a mutually satisfactory close. We recommend Brian very highly.

Mike B. – Zillow


Brian was absolutely pivotal in us finding our home. While searching through the available inventory, he provided walk-thru videos that greatly expedited the filtering process. This was also a tremendous value-add as we lived in the city, and didn’t have time to travel back and forth to view  properties. Brian was extremely organized and detail oriented once we did narrow down, and kept us moving forward. He’s dedicated to the craft and an expert negotiator. My wife and I were lucky to work with him.

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