January is The New April

Brian Louie
Brian Louie
Published on January 10, 2020

January is the new April, as far as the housing market is concerned. Lean inventory combined with growing demand is upending the sales calendar, urging buyers to initiate their home searches earlier in the year than ever before. Position yourself to get in the home of your dreams by starting your search early in the year, with a mortgage pre-approval letter in hand. 

Mortgage Rates Ease Heading Into 2020 Hard to believe Y2K was twenty years ago; even harder to believe in the year 2000, mortgage rates averaged around 8 percent! Today, rates hover around 3.7%, with experts predicting a slow rise to 4% by the year 2022. A quick reference: a $500,000 thirty-year fixed mortgage at today’s rates amounts to a $2,300 monthly payment. 

Ikea Home Hacks for DIYers We’ll be the first to admit – there’s a little bit of IKEA in every room in our house. Read on to learn how professional designers put a stylish, customized spin on mass-produced furniture. We love the idea of mounting bookshelves to the wall topped with molding for a high-end look for the library we’re designing in our head.

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