Contra Costa Real Estate Report – Walnut Creek & Beyond: December 2020

Brian Louie
Brian Louie
Published on December 18, 2019

Market Snapshots: Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Lamorinda

If Diablo Valley was a stand-alone county, its median home sales price would be somewhat higher than that of Santa Clara County, though, of course, median prices vary significantly between its component cities.

Bay Area Market Sizes

By number of sales, Contra Costa is one of the big 3 counties in the Bay Area. Diablo Valley and Lamorinda constitute the most affluent major markets in the county.

Bay Area Markets for Homes of $5 Million+

Diablo Valley is not one of the larger markets for homes selling for $5,000,000 and above, which is not due to any deficiency in the size or quality of its homes, or the affluence of its neighborhoods. It is simply due to the fact that one gets much more for one’s dollar here than in SF or Silicon Valley. Its ultra-luxury homes and estates can sell at a 50% discount, or more, to the prices of similar homes in those markets.

Market Seasonality: New Listings Coming on Market 

The market is now deep into its seasonal plunge in activity, which hits its nadir in December. (This chart is updated through October. November saw its usual big drop in new listing activity.) 

Market Dynamics by City – Diablo Valley & Lamorinda

The next 4 charts comparing city statistics also include the 3 cities of Lamorinda for greater context of the affluent markets east of the East Bay ridge. As mentioned in previous reports, market dynamics throughout the Bay Area are often – but not always – separated by price segment as much as by city location. More expensive segments not unusually have somewhat softer supply and demand dynamics.

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